100 Meters

From MRT Tiwanon

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ยูนิโอ เอช ติวานนท์ ติดต่อชีวิตสายสีม่วง รับบัตรรถไฟฟ้าฟรี 1 ปี* ส่วนลดสูงสุด 300,000 บาท* เริ่ม 1.59 ล้าน*
26-27 ส.ค. ลุ้นสิทธิ์ หมุนวงล้อโชคดี ฟรี! ทอง 5 บาท*


Project Concept

Ideas and objectives for the Project

Simplicity Modern

is the integration of simplicity into the design through allocating components of the condominium in the simplest way and eliminating redundant decorations, while emphasizing on basic and orderly artwork and incorporating natural elements, such as light and shadow, into the design. The perfect combination of simplicity and modernity results in a luxurious and upscale condominium that corresponds to the lifestyles of the urban society. 

Smart Urban Retreat

The balanced living, convenience, and prime location - all for an easier lifestyle…

The perfect combination, along with the simple yet luxurious features, are perfect for the urban and modern lifestyles. The perfect living space and common areas offer convenience and facilities that are interconnected throughout the project, with a primary focus on the simplicity and modernity. The wooden materials reflect a natural ambiance with a touch of urban lifestyles, while the metallic materials enhance the simple luxury of your living experience.


  • 100 meters from Yaek Tiwanon MRT station (Purple Line)
  • Nearby Hospitals: Kasemrad Hospital, Nonthavej Hospital
  • Nearby Department Stores: CentralPlaza Rattanathibet, The Mall Shopping Center Ngamwongwan, Big C Tiwanon, Big C Wongsawang
  • Nearby Government Offices: Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi Government Center
  • Nearby Educational Institutions  : King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
  • Near the entrance/exit of Ratchada-Pracha Nukun expressway

PRICE : Value for money

Achieve your own lifestyle of freedom and enjoy numerous privileges

PRODUCT : All-inclusive

An all-inclusive residence, featuring a common area and exclusive facilities, including swimming pool, fitness club, running track, public garden, and relaxation area inter-connected throughout the project, especially designed for the urban lifestyle.

Project Detail

Project’s master plan and information of the Project


Fact Sheet

Land area (approximately) 1-2-24.8 Rai
Total building 1 building
Number of level 37 floors
Total unit 378 units
Number of residential unit 378 units
Number of car parking 160 cars
Passenger lift 3 lifts
lift 1 lift


Ground floor โถงต้อนรับ, สวนส่วนกลาง, ที่จอดรถ
2nd - 7th floor ที่จอดรถ
8th floor ห้องชุดพักอาศัย, สวนส่วนกลาง, สระว่ายน้ำ
9th floor ห้องชุดพักอาศัย, ห้องออกกำลังกายพร้อมอุปกรณ์
10th floor ห้องชุดพักอาศัย
11th - 35th floor ห้องชุดพักอาศัย
36th floor ห้องชุดพักอาศัย, สวนส่วนกลาง
37th floor ชั้นงานระบบ
Rooftop สวนส่วนกลาง


Project location with Google Maps

UNIO H Tiwanon


Project Progress

UNIO H Tiwanon




15 May 2017

The main contractor

Helix Co., Ltd.

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