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Ananda Development is Thailand's Leader in Mass Transit Condominiums, specializing in Urban Living Solutions along the city’s mass transit lines.
Since its inception in 1999, Ananda has always been committed to developing mass transit condominiums, believing that location and convenience are key elements in urban lifestyles, and understanding that the future growth of Bangkok would occur predominantly along the city’s mass transit lines. Bangkok suffers from some of the world’s most notorious traffic jams, with residents spending an average of 45 days2 per year stuck in traffic.
Ananda Development addresses the problem by locating all of its condominium projects along the city’s mass transit lines. With more than a decade of success behind it, Ananda today features eight distinctive brands catering to the needs of all types of individuals and families.
Ananda had launched 35 total projects including 26,000 units valued at approximately 100,000 million baht.
* ( 2 ) Thailand Future Foundation on November 2015
Urban Living solution
Ananda Development’s Urban Living Solutions address these important motivating factors through superior locations near mass transit systems.
Life is simply too short to waste time stuck in a traffic jam, especially when faster travel options are available. Our homeowners value convenience—including saving time and money—in travelling throughout the city to LIVE, WORK OR PLAY.
the c generation
Our homeowners, often part of Generation C, understand that convenience is of paramount importance in urban living.
They are cash smart, spending their money wisely, as well as creative, casual, and in control of their time and lifestyle, while remaining well connected to other people. Gen C has reclaimed their most valuable assets—time and money—because of our prime locations.
They enjoy true urban relaxation and the ability to “live, work and play” at their fullest potential.
Ananda Development’s projects are highly regarded for their modern, distinctive designs and outstanding quality, offering superior value for money while boasting the most convenient locations in Bangkok along the city’s mass transit lines and has passionately continued to develop new residences in the city’s most desirable areas. Gen C enjoys the ultimate in urban living courtesy of hassle-free commutes and premium-level services.

8 unique brands

To serve different lifestyles, Ananda Development offers a range of condominiums and residential housing through eight unique brands




Elegant, impressive and luxurious living in Bangkok’s most desirable locations
Defines premium living, blending maximum comfort with exceptional facilities
Innovative functions and designs, creating vibrant lifestyles while pushing boundaries
Infinite inspiration with private space at the heart of the metropolis
Redefines “live, work and play” for urbanites, with ideal locations and space to suit modern lifestyles
Where lifestyles are defined by private space and mobility
Super value, ideally situated for commuting and shopping
Modern resort living, a serene hideaway for true relaxation

key success

Ananda Development creates exceptional homes while enhancing lifestyles through innovative designs and superior functionality. We carefully select partners3 representing the very best in their areas of expertise, including construction with Mitsui Fudosan, Japan’s largest real estate developer; functional innovations with Samsung, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer; and immersive interiors with Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC). Promoting innovative lifestyles is central to Ananda Development’s philosophy. We are trendsetters, seeing opportunities before others, and this has helped lead to our numerous successes.

Combined condominium sales in 2014-2015
Top 5
Combined condominium sales in 2014-2015
highest recorded
The highest recorded sales revenues in both condominium and housing sectors
outstanding achievement
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in 2012
  • Within two years the company was awarded an “Outstanding Achievement in Investor Relations.”
  • One year later Ananda was included in the SET100
“Best High-Rise Architecture” and “Best Interior Design Show Home” in Thailand in 2013 from the Asia Pacific Property Awards

Partner3 to fulfill life’s unpredictable dimensions

  • Pramerica

    Ananda Development joined Pramerica in 2006 to work on projects near Suvarnabhumi International Airport, spearheading condominium developments along the mass transit line.

  • Mitsui Fudosan

    In 2013, Mitsui Fudosan, the largest real estate developer in Japan, together with Ananda Development, initiated nine projects worth more than 45 billion baht. This partnership yielded tremendous knowledge about property development along mass transit lines, in addition to heightened management skills and innovative design ideas built upon standard Japanese residential models. Internally, Ananda Development adopted Total Quality Project Management (TQPM) from Mitsui Fudosan and launched “Ananda Development Total Quality Project Management” (ATQPM), a comprehensive quality management system that highlights functionality and construction quality.

  • Samsung Electronics

    In 2015, Ananda Development became the country’s first property developer to join Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest electronics manufacturer, to launch the “Internet of Things Samsung Smart Home.” This innovative technology and design system helps to optimize quality of life.

  • Thailand Creative & Design Center

    Furthering its tradition of creating inspirational lifestyles, Ananda Development and TCDC co-produced the world’s first communication design library, located at IDEO Q Chula-Samyan. TCDC COMMONS seeks to galvanize ideas and centralize intelligence, influencing communication design.

* ( 3 ) Available at some projects only


With the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Thailand is fast becoming a regional logistics hub. The country is strategically located in the heart of ASEAN, it boasts a relatively low cost of living, and it is among the region’s top travel destinations. As Bangkok continues to expand its mass transit network, Ananda Development is ideally positioned for growth. Persistent high demand for real estate along the city’s mass transit lines means there is no better time to invest in Ananda Development. Most importantly, you can rest assured that we are committed to service.

The AEC has further boosted investment in the region. Thailand, as the region’s logistics hub, features robust infrastructure and seamless connectivity, which are crucial to economic expansion within ASEAN.

01Thailand is embraced globally for reasons
Known as the “Land of Smiles,” Thailand offers gracious hospitality that has touched visitors from around the world
A serene Buddhist country, it warmly welcomes all religions and types of people
Tropical warmth year-round
Thailand in 2015 ranked No.354 in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness, while Bangkok was named the world’s No.25 Global Destination
World-famous Thai cuisine, including delicious fresh fruits
Half the cost of living in other major cities
* ( 4 ) Index by the World Economic Forum , * ( 5 ) MasterCard
02 Logistics hub of ASEAN
Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the gateway to ASEAN, is Southeast Asia’s largest aviation hub, accommodating 76 flights hourly and 45 million passengers per year6, with plans to increase to 60-80 million7. Annually, the airport handles 3 million tons of cargo8, equivalent to eight Empire State buildings9. Its location within Thailand is also ideal, situated just 100 kilometers from the eastern seaboard, where the industrial estates form the center for all export industries.
* ( 6 ) www.suvarnabhumiairport.com , * ( 7 )www.scbeic.com ,
* ( 8 ) www.suvarnabhumiairport.com , * ( 9 ) www.esbnyc.com
03 Infrastructure and Transportation System Growth
Thailand plans to invest 1.9 trillion baht in roads and rails to connect cities and beyond. Half of this amount will be used to further develop Bangkok Metropolitan Area’s mass transit system to cover all economically significant areas, bolstering convenience and quality of life.
04 Strategic Location
Thailand is strategically located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, offering speed of access to regional businesses. The government recognizes these advantages and has developed incentives for the establishment of International Headquarters (IHQ) and International Trading Centers (ITC).
05 Investor Advantages
Real estate is a particularly attractive investment in Bangkok for several reasons. Foreigners can own nearly half of all units in any condominium building in Thailand. And the condominium price near mass transit rising 65 per cent over the past five years10. Superior properties along the mass transit lines enjoy 6 to 8 per cent capital gains and rental yields per year. Thailand enjoys a lower cost of living compared to Singapore and Malaysia, offering a faster return on investment, while price-to-rent ratios and rental yields are higher11. Property development along mass transit lines will greatly increase. By 2029, Bangkok plans to see a threefold increase in number of stations, rising to 254 stations total12. The Thai capital’s 400-kilometre rail system will be nearly as long as Tokyo’s—one of the world’s most convenient cities for commuters.
* ( 10 ) CBRE & Ananda Development , * ( 11 ) Global Property Source 2015 ,
* ( 12 ) CBRE Research and Consulting
Selective projects suitable for international clients
Services for rent & sell
After-sales service
International Ananda Member Club (IAMC) offer special privileges eg. Presales, special price and etc.

With continued rapid growth expected for Bangkok’s mass transit systems, there is no better time to invest in Ananda Development,
whose condominium projects since 1999 have offered the ultimate in exclusive urban living, with unsurpassed convenience
in strategic locations along the city’s public transportation infrastructure.

Ananda Development’s Urban Living Solutions, its partnerships with world-class construction, design and electronics companies,
and its emphasis on creating innovative lifestyles have made it Thailand’s leading mass transit condominium developer,
ideally positioned to seize exciting new opportunities in Bangkok and beyond.


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