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Unio Town Lumlukka Klong 4

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Project Concept

Ideas and objectives for the Project

“Wheel of Life”

Because life is like a spinning wheel that revolves according to time. An inception creates the stories of life with balance and perfection in all aspects, similar to Unio Town – a townhouse that is ready to start a new life with you.


Begin your seamless life in a prime location that covers all aspects, not limited to an urban lifestyle. Unio Town Lamlukka Khlong 4, a townhouse that will bring your residence to life and open you to new perspectives of innovation. Let the breeze of inspiration encircles the project along with the serenity of nature.

Unio Town

A perfect residence for the modern generation that prefers privacy. Enriched with full utilization of spaces, in combination with an extensive ‘green’ common area for an intimate experience with nature.

“Living in Nature”

With the concept that intends to blend the residence with nature, the design therefore emphasizes on grey and brown color tones to provide perfect warmth to the house. The walls are decorated with groove accents, similar to a wooden pattern, to complement the tranquil ambiance and harmonize into one. The façade is decorated with vertical lines to reduce the perceptual length of the house. The extensive door and windows widen the panorama from the interior, while retaining an effective utilization of space.

Project Detail

Project’s master plan and information of the Project


Total Area 26-3-81.1 Rai
Type 2-Floor and 3-Floor Townhomes
Number of Plots
172 AMORE Townhomes (3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 1 Parking Space, 115 sq. m. of utility space)
93 AMARI Townhomes (3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, 1 Multipurpose Room, 2 Parking Spaces, 125 sq. m. of utility space)
38 ATTIC Townhomes (3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces, 170 sq. m. of utility space)


Clubhouse with a swimming pool and office of the juristic person
Common garden
Entrance booth with security booth
CCTV system installed around the project’s façade and the common garden


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Project location with Google Maps

Unio Town Lumlukka Klong 4

Lam Luk Ka Klong 4 Road, Lat Sawai, Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani

02 316 2222

Project Progress

Unio Town Lumlukka Klong 4




9 November 2017

The main contractor

Helix Co., Ltd.
Projects with approved EIA reports and construction permits.