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Ananda Development Plc. is one of the top leaders in real estate in Thailand with its awareness and understanding of the urban issues. This leads to the challenge in developing URBAN LIVING SOLUTIONS to enhance the quality of life in the urban society, and of course, for a better future.
This is PASSION…It is the love, the enchantment, and the faith of Ananda in its endless dedication to seek new perspectives for their residences. The real estate development that will deliver vibrancy, happiness and fulfill the needs of all urban lifestyles, empowering everyone to live their lives with their own PASSION.
    45 Days is the average time that Bangkok residents are stuck on the road per year*.
    Alternatively, 45 Days refers to the time for relaxation, leisure, and spending life
    the way you wanted. It would be ideal if everyone can reach their destination faster
    and have more time to spare to live their lives to the fullest.
    This is the ultimate reason that Ananda has decided to develop its condominium projects
    within close proximity to BTS and MRT. The prime location that will connect your life to
    every place in Bangkok. The onsite Max Value** and True Coffee** further enhance
    conveniences to save you more time and allow you to spend your time as desired.
    * Data from Thailand Future Foundation as of November 2015
    ** Only applicable to some condominium projects
    New technology is an advancement in combination with the fast-paced
    urban lifestyle. Ananda is attentive to and emphasizes on research and
    development to identify all the residential needs, and is ready to continually
    develop, through its meticulous selection of new innovation and technology,
    for residents in the projects.
    Ananda is committed to keep pace with the advanced technology, such as Smart Furniture or
    new room designs, and apply them to correspond to every urban living lifestyle. The integration
    of fast and precise construction, along with the best security system, enrich confidence amongst
    residents for a happy living in all projects of Ananda.
    & ECO
    “The best residence encompasses the coexistence of people and nature and the utilization
    of nature for optimal benefits”. Such concept inspires Ananda to design a building that
    features an open and expansive space to serve as a pathway for the wind and light.
    The green areas are perfectly allocated to reduce external heat and energy consumption* and enable residents
    to indulge in nature.In addition, Ananda has also initiated Eco Urban Life Project to balance the urban lifestyle
    with nature, under the concept of “think before using and use with realizing the value”, including campaigns
    on waste sorting, bicycle commuting to reduce oil consumption, and the use of LED to save energy for
    a sustainable happiness of everyone. Apart from the establishment of residents’ society in each project,
    Ananda also has a PASSION to provide opportunity for unfortunate individuals without a home by
    collaborating with Habitat for Humanity project to build a home of smiles for various communities.
    * Only applicable to some projects
    Residence is merely part of all PASSION of Ananda. We have faith in
    developing the best project, with the determination to design each
    project as an iconic building to enhance the beauty of Bangkok’s skyline.
    We are attentive to every detail of the design, with the incorporation of unique features
    and functions to perfectly fulfill all needs, transferring beauty from generations to generations.
    The landscape is thoughtfully designed to correspond to the unique style of each project.
    Every inch of the exclusive space delivers benefits to meet all living requirements for
    a life full of smiles and happiness.
    Home is more than just a relaxation space. It is a place that provides
    a peace of mind and enriches happiness in your life. It is where you can be
    your true self, be inspired, and invite passion to the start of every new day.
    This is the question that we ask ourselves before designing the project. Apart from the all-inclusive
    interior and exterior designs that correspond to all living requirements, an array of facilities are
    also available, including Infinite Pool*, Sky Lounge*, Fitness*, and Library*, along with the
    Live-Work-Play balance from Gen-C Blog that updates new trends and creates inspiration
    in all aspects. The TCDC Commons* –the library – will incubate new ideas and innovation
    and provide knowledge for infinite application, while recharging the life of all residents
    to be ready for a new day.
    * Only applicable to some condominium projects