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Ananda Development PCL has the vision and commitment towards continuously improving the lives of urban-dwellers. In support of the lifestyle in this futuristic digital age, technology has been used to aid in solving problems or support an improved quality of urban life. The ultimate aim is to raise and further develop this quality of life in all aspects of modern living, covering safety, speed and convenience in the areas of housing, commuting, working, heath and personal finance.

UrbanTech Strategy

The company places great importance on technology as another key driver that can provide change and solve problems in every aspect of business. As a result, a careful strategy has been set to lead Ananda Development PCL towards an “UrbanTech” existence. Our initiatives consist of three parts: 1. Ecosystem Support, 2. Fund of Funds and 3. Corporate Venture Capital. All three components play a vital role in moving a strategy of innovation and technology forward for the company to become “UrbanTech” and ensure that Ananda Development PCL is able to develop and further improve the lives of future city residents.

Ecosystem Support

The supporting of various activities within the start-up industry includes but is not limited to presently existing leading incubators and accelerators to explore new technologies, articulate new ideas and support an innovation-based society. Actions the company can take place could be venue hosting for Digital Ventures Accelerators, as SCB bank have, or invest in supporting Hackathon with Hubba, the who is top co-working space in Thailand.

Fund of Funds

Investment in VC funds throughout the world in quality markets will be done with the goal of reaching active LP status. Contacting leading start-ups to build relations and form alliances for investment will lead to exposure to new technologies that can be further adapted and developed to improve the lives of modern city-dwellers.

Corporate Venture Capital

Direct investment in chosen tech startups that the company has seen potential in, will in turn provide these positive technological benefits that will supplement the main business of the company.

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